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  1. VATSIM API Update 27/06/2021 You can now specify group_by_callsign in the query parameters for atcsessions, to get aggregate results for unique callsigns Example: https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1127186/atcsessions/?group_by_callsign
  2. View all online controllers Issue a GET request https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/ Example Response:
  3. Viewing all of the ATC Sessions of a specific position Issue a GET request to one of these URLS: https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/<callsign>/ Examples: https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/EGKK_APP/ You can add either the "date" or "start" parameter to the query. https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/EGKK_APP/?date=2020-09-18 - this will show any EGKK_APP position controlled on that date https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/EGKK_APP/?start=2020-09-18 - this will show any EGKK_APP position controlled on or after that date. This is a public endpoint that
  4. VATSIM API Update 26/06/2021 You can now view all online controllers with a GET request to https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/ You can now view the controller history of any callsign, ie: https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/EGKK_APP/ to view all the Gatwick App controller sessions. This can take either of these two optional parameters: start, date. ie: https://api.vatsim.net/api/facilities/EGKK_APP/?date=2021-06-25 to view all Gatwick App sessions for that date. Using start instead of date will show all sessions from that date onwards.
  5. Hi, You can open a ticket with the Membership Team here: https://support.vatsim.net/
  6. Hi, If you're still unable to complete the password reset, you can try submitting a ticket to Membership here: VATSIM Support
  7. VATSIM API Update 11/04/2021 Added lastratingchange field to ratings endpoints.
  8. Viewing a members flight plans You can view a members flight plans by sending a GET request to https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/<member cid here>/flight_plans/ Example: https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1115151/flight_plans/
  9. VATSIM API Update 31/03/2021 Authorised users (those of you that use tokens) can now see a users e-mail address in all ratings endpoints.
  10. London Control frequencies become very chaotic with almost every transmission being stepped-on during peak hours, especially in the past week. Credit to the controllers that they stick with it and don't simply log off!
  11. We do not yet have a solution but I will update you if this changes.
  12. VATSIM API Update 01/12/2020 Added the ability to filter atcsessions by "date", facility type (including sector splits), and to specify a "start" parameter to view all sessions after a certain date. You can now view by facility type, eg: https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1240411/atcsessions/EGLL_APP/ - this will show things like EGLL_N_APP, EGLL_S_APP, EGLL_APP You can also just query by type: https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1240411/atcsessions/APP/ You can add either the "date" or "start" parameter to the query. https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1240411/atcses
  13. For me, I joined a small Discord group and made some friends there and barraged them with questions. It was less of structured / serious environment. Casual learning in a quiet environment. You can view some groups here: Groups - VATSIM Community
  14. It seems that this information is present in the connections table but not present in the atcsessions table which would indicate the issue lies within FSD. I will look into this further and update you. In the mean time, you can see the connection here: https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1366052/connections/
  15. Yes, certain endpoints are public and do not require token authentication.
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