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  1. Than you for the answers.In these situations mostly there were no more than 10 planes under the CTR. I always check the traffic on simware, so I would not say it was that busy.Okay, then I have to live with this situation, just I feel a bit akward to ask one thing more as I think it makes the ATC frustrated and I dont want any argue with anyone.
  2. Hello there, I have got some issues in the last couple of days. I fly text only and my remark is ATC's put these pilots to the back of the queue when need to give direction on while I am on route. It happens in Russia and to be clear there was no event or heavy traffic around the airport. For example this happened me not once: I am on approach and have given FL to descend from CTR but after that dont get further descend even if I am asking 3 times and at FAF still for example on FL070. Get no response for 5 or 6 minutes and dont get hand over to approach. And when I get handed over
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