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  1. Yes I do, only a couple, assume those are the only ones in view at that time
  2. Yes I have the custom model matching rules in my documents within the vpilot folder. I also have the mega livery pack in the community folder
  3. so far I have only installed the following: https://flightsim.to/file/1632/msfs-vpilot-modelmatching
  4. So do I need to download anything else to get it to work? All I see is the default planes at the moment
  5. I have installed the model matching for MSFS 2020, however when I run vpilot I don't see the Advanced option, only whats in the screenshot. I used to have P3D setup but this has now disappeared as I nolonger use it. I have tried a reinstall of Vpilot but it still does not find it
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