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  1. To see that i only have to select the (Audio/Push to takl (PTT)) option and see when i speak if the peak level indicator is lighting up !
  2. Thank you for your replie But i have now a problem : Xpilot, doesn't detect my microphone and i can't speak so ! Did you know what can produce this problem ? Maybe i need to install a special plugin ? (I use Xplane and my microphone is fine, it work with other app)
  3. Hello everyone ! As a new Vatsim member and a beginner pilot, i have somes question to ask: In first, it is allowed to file a flight plan from an airport to the same airport as the departure airport ? (to make some training for exemple) I use a VR controllers to fly planes : Can i [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a "push to talk" button on a controller like this ? If i do some training with an airliner like the 737, my call-sign need to be like an other airliner that do a real flight (like AF256) or can i use the aircraft registration code ? A special training exercise (like TCAS aler
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