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  1. Thanks Andreas, I think that sharing this issue with all swift communiy is the best option. Adrian
  2. It seems that this is not the issue. This character (, or .) is set in the swift tool and I can not modify it, because it is fixed in the space where you enter de frecuency. Thanks, Adrián
  3. Hi! I am begining my experience in VATSIM. So far everything has been OK. However, I have a problem with UNICOM frecuency. So, using Swift for MAC, I can communicate with other users through COM 1 and COM 2 but when I try to put in active the UNICAM frecuency (in my case 122,800) , the COM 1 (also COM 2 too) goes to a disconnected mode. Therefore, I can not communicate with this frecuency with other uses. For more details just to comment that I do not have problems either ATIS, TWR, APP, CTR, ... etc. All my concerns are about UNICOM frecuency. Could you help me, please? Is it thi
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