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  1. VATSIM Middle East would like to announce after discussions with the VATAME regional director that we have merged parts of the North African Division with our Middle East Division. This was done to keep parts of the vACCs within an active division as we slowly close the North African division. This means that members will now be part of the VATSIM Middle East Division (VATME) for the following vACCs: Algeria vACC Chad vACC Eritrea vACC Ethiopia vACC Libya vACC Morocco vACC Niger vACC Somalia vACC Sudan vACC Tunisia vACC NOTE: vACCs marked in bold are vACCs that have staff meaning you will be required to contact them for ATC training / visiting. vACCs not marked in bold are considered as OpenAirspace, members wishing to control these area's will have to wait until the HQ has been adapted to accept these vACCs as part of our OpenSkies program. Members will slowly be re-assigned to the VATSIM Middle East Division by the regional staff. We invite members who haven't done so to login to our VATAME HQ system where you can find many features and guides for vACC Information, ATC Training and much more! VATSIM Middle East will now be known as the VATSIM Middle East & North Africa Division. Members are also encouraged to join the VATSIM Middle East & North Africa Discord which you can join with this invite link: https://discord.gg/Hvxm5Ky, if you have any questions to the divisional team you may contact them via [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  2. Congratulations @ali Abbas 1354425 and best of luck in your position!
  3. As Andreas mentioned. You will need to see the controller information lines which you can see by right clicking on the controller and for example VATSpy. It will usually tell you which of them are they giving (either CPDLC or PDC) and their logon callsign. Some of them may offer PDC via text communication means via the pilot client directly by sending them a private message.
  4. Hello Carl, The reason why there is a 50 hour requirement as per the Transfer & Visiting Policy (Section 1.3) is so that you first consolidate your rating before transferring somewhere else. Another reason why there are these types of rules in place is to stop people coming into divisions to get their ratings "quickly" and then leave out straight away afterwards which wastes local vACC and Division resources. Now I would suggest you log into hq.vatme.net login and then you will see the available open airspaces that we have in which you can control. These include Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. You could log 50 hours there just to get your transfer. An alternative thing (which I've seen hardly ever been done) is to contact the appropriate regional directors to sort of "bypass" that hour requirement or transfer day limit since it's almost been 4 years since you got your STU2 rating. Although I'm not too sure if it is still being done. Good Luck!
  5. Quietly switch to UNCIOM. Refer to the charts if you are arriving and announce your intentions to other pilots around you. Simple as that. Sometimes the controller might have sudden connection drops or some other thing you never know.
  6. Best of Luck Mohammed for the future!
  7. VATSIM Germany used to have diagrams of these on their old site, however the data Andreas as given above is accurate!
  8. Sad to see you go, best of luck Mateen in the future and hopefully we still see you on the network!
  9. Dubai Intl. Airport (OMDB) was staffed during the whole week (27th Week), between 29th June 0000Z - 5th July 2359Z. This is the personal best record for the vACC. This wasn't possible without the support of the dedicated team of controllers from different nationalities that we have here in this vACC! We handled good amount of both IFR & VFR traffic during the whole week along with 2 events. Thanks to everyone for the support. Want to join an immersive, fun and engaging community? Why not join the U.A.E vACC as a pilot or controller! Start your ATC training with us at one of the regions busiest airport, head over to vatme.net/vacc/OMAE to learn more!
  10. If I remember correctly @Tapatt Tanaboriboon 129820 is part of ERAU. Maybe he can help!
  11. Hello Paul, you can find the current documentation from the official plugin download link: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/forums/topic/3355-topsky-plugin-221-beta-12/ the included download will include all the documentation in a .pdf document with table of contents.
  12. Congratulations to both! Looking forward to working with your vACC more in the future with events!
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