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  1. I agree with Bernado, if we could assign a specific frequency to a sector + callsign it would be much easier. vACCs would be responsible for keeping their area up to date just like their sector files.
  2. There is also a world wide calendar on myVATSIM which shows CPTs in different color. https://my.vatsim.net/events.
  3. I agree with Tobias, one issue we had with Cross the Land last year was that we had partial enroute coverage on the routes between Europe to the Middle East. Yet in the feedback pilots still enjoyed the event regardless because they had some ATC coverage, be happy that you still had ATC. You need to understand the planning that went through the event, months of planning, emails, discussions to all make this happen and things don't always go to plan especially on VATSIM. Trying to get hold of certain people to coordinate ATC is quite hard because there are different people for different ta
  4. It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Mohammed Al-Thani as the Divisional ATC Training Deputy Director. Mohammed will be joining Suprojit Paul within the ATC Department and will assist him in other tasks within the department. Captain Al-Thani brings a wealth of experience from the real-world as well as previous experience as the Training Director within the Bahrain vACC. He's committed to the betterment of the division with regards to improving the training standards, SOPs and assisting the division in building a reputation for high-quality ATC services on the VAT
  5. Hi all, VATMENA is accepting applications for the vacant position of Divisional Deputy Director. VATMENA Board Member - Division Board Responsible to: VATMENA Division Director Responsibilities: Responsible for the smooth operation & growth of the Division. Replaces the Division Director in case of absence. Provides support to any enquiries by members of VATMENA through email, support tickets, or the VATMENA HQ. Pursue issues related to membership within different departments Monitors th
  6. Cross the Land: Westbound 2021! Airfield voting for Cross the Land: Westbound 2021 is officially closed and we have finally crosschecked the votes and here are the results. This year we added 1 more airport to each side, instead of having 4 we now have 5! This year there will be a total of 25 city pars across the Middle East & Europe. With no further ado, the pilots have voted here are your Cross the Land: Westbound 2021 airports! DEPARTURES: Cairo International Airport - HECA Imam Khomeini International Airport - OIIE Beirut International Airport - OLBA
  7. --UPDATE 5-- 📧The voting period for Cross the Land is almost coming to an end You can participate in voting for your favorite airfield from Europe and Middle East until January 8th, 2021 at 2359z! You can vote on the CTL Website.
  8. The application period has been extended to the 2nd of February 2021.
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