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  1. Cross the Land: Update #1 Hello VATSIM! The planning team is happy to announce that the airport voting process will open on the 1st of July 2021 at 00:00z! However, we are having a different system this time around to balance out the votes. We will be using a Single Transferrable Voting (STV) system this time around. This will mean that voters will be able to choose a first and second choice. But what does this mean? This means that if your first choice airport get's passed a certain threshold (which means that they are automatically in the event once they pass that) your vote will then b
  2. Congratulations! Best of luck Felix!
  3. The time has come to announce the new Divisional Membership Director. I am pleased to welcome Praveen Saju to the divisional staff team as the new Membership Director of Middle East & North Africa. Praveen has been in the division for quite some time residing in the Emirates vACC holding an S3 rating, Praveen has lot's of ideas to bring at a divisional level from his experience as a vACC Membership Director. We all look forward on working with him! With the appointment of Praveen we also see the departure of Sam Julnes from his position. Sam has joined us since the VATNAF + VATME merg
  4. Welcome to Cross the Land: Eastbound 2021! After a little break since our previous Westbound 2021 event, the Cross the Land planning team is excited to announce that the event is back heading Eastbound on October, 2nd 2021! For more updates and developments regarding the event be sure to follow our social media accounts to receive these updates on the go! Cross the Land is gaining popularity on the network as VATEUDs and VATMENAs signature event between the two major divisions. As our previous editions the aim to to bring the two divisions closer than before and give the most coverag
  5. I really like the Euroscope VCCS system however if I remember correctly all your controllers needs to be on the same server for it to work. This is especially useful between ACC control but many vACCs used different servers. Is there a possibility of having a central server for all? Or is there a central new VCCS system in the works?
  6. I'm pleased to announce a long-term project that has been in discussion within the last few months between the divisional staff as well as the Kuwait vACC staff. Since it's establishment Kuwait vACC has been thriving to bring it's little airspace active on the map and make it one of the active vACCs of the Middle East & North Africa Division. The vACC has went from virtually no activity to 18 active members with 13 rating upgrades since its establishment. The vACC ranks second in terms of ATC hours with 1532 hours in the last 5-6 months behind the U.A.E vACC. Without further-ado I'm h
  7. Hello Zakaria! Thanks for your feedback, Ali B. was on DTTC during this time. We have recently been updating our sectorfiles for the North Africa area and are slowly testing them out on the network. I do apologise if he had to disconnect before you could make a flight as we had to do some additional testing. We have events planned in the near future for the North African area so stay tuned!
  8. The application period has been extended till the relevant position is filled..
  9. A familiar face comes back to the divisional team. I'm happy to welcome back John Koranteng into the divisional marketing department as the marketing director (VATMENA4) John is known by the community, previously part of the Cross the Land Planning Team, advanced the marketing restructure within the division as well as many other projects. Let's give John a warm welcome back on the team! Best of luck, John!
  10. I haven't had the time to say my thanks to anyone yet, so I'll do it here. This year I took a different approach to Cross the Pond, I decided to give my hand to France for ATC and supervise the network on the side. Usually, people that know me would see me control Shanwick/Gander radio whenever I could for Cross the Pond but I decided to take a break from this in the last few editions due to the traffic levels, the number of people on one track, Euroscope crashing constantly, etc. However, this year I was very surprised and amazed at how this has changed. The use of the flow control syste
  11. Good luck for the future Alfred and thank you for all the work you've done for the vACC and the Network. It was a pleasure to control along side you during my ATC days as well as a visiting controller. Blue Skies!
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