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  1. Exactly this. Instead of mentoring during my free-time I could spend the time doing other things in my life. However, in my eyes I want my division/sub-divisions to succeed and see activity grow so I invest my time to make my goal happen.
  2. Speaking from a division where we were known in the past for "rating tourism" I can tell you that this 100 hour requirement before transferring will make an effect. We had several members from multiple divisions notably from VATEUD and VATUK in the past come here get training in the small quiet places and then transfer out after 50 hours and 90 days have passed. Some quiet vACCs would love to train more people so they get activity I think these quiet vACCs need to be recognized. Not everyone is VATEUD or VATUK in terms of activity, if a vACC wants to retain it's member then this is one way to
  3. The GCAP committee is not consisting of only one person. There are several people behind the scenes that are discussing points from everything that has been discussed on the forums here. Mentioning that every point get's "dismissed" is not the way to go just because someone is debating points being made on the forum. Remember that everyone has their own opinion and that a middle ground needs to be found in order to settle on the final decision on XYZ clause of the new policy. You've seen so far only one person respond to all of the members questions/complains/suggestions from the Board of Gove
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong. In the past several revisions of the CoR I believe that this was an actual position of it's own. At the moment these tasks are delegated to the respective VP Region Director as outlined in Article II. - §2.03 - C3 to C5: Vice President XYZ: Acts as the Board of Governors’ representative to the various Divisions within the XYZ Region. Responsible for activity growth, provision of ATC and ATC training.
  5. I believe that this may answer your question. As long as they aren't on the facilities controlling roster they aren't allowed to operate any position for the rating.
  6. This is technically outlined in 5.01. A VATSIM Member is authorized to operate an Air Traffic Control Position only when they are listed on a controlling or visiting roster for a Division or Sub-Division and possess the appropriate Air Traffic Rating and Endorsement for the specific control position.
  7. How exactly does your home facility process the S1 rating? I don't see the point in giving controlling privilege's to OBS rated members. You already have Sweatbox around to play with for the initial bit of the training. Once the sweatbox phase is completed you send the request for the S1 rating and then continue the practical online. Unless it's done completely differently from where I've observed the most on how it is done.
  8. Event endorsements are not required to be put in place if I remember correctly as per outlined in 6.05(b)(i) and 6.05(b)(ii). A Division or Sub-Division isn't required to utilize this endorsement. If you look on page 6 this is what Flight Service Stations cover: A Flight Service Station (FSS) is an Air Traffic Service that provides information and services to aircraft before, during, and after flight but is not responsible for giving control instructions, clearances, or providing separation. This information can include weather, NOTAMs, active runways, and other pertinent aeronaut
  9. You make some significant points but have to disagree here. We cannot always balance out quantity and quality altogether. This is something that will always arise anywhere no matter the situation. You got to remember that we are doing this as a hobby and we aren't doing this as our full-time job in the real world. Training controllers under challenging and busy conditions that replicate event level traffic is just unrealistic really. Event's in certain vACCs/Divisions happens from time to time and in some others may happen almost every-day or weekly. If you had several members with limite
  10. Cross the Land: Update #3 We are super excited to announce that we at the CTL team have finished the voting system and it will be live as of 00:00z 05.07.2021! It will be available on https://ctl.vatsim.me/ We have employed a new system of voting for EUD airports. This is the STV system. This is a much fairer system which allows for more diversity. We have split your submissions up into large, medium or small airports. Each pilot has two votes per category. You can choose a first choice and a second choice. The following airports are participating in the vote: Departure
  11. Hello, I'm here to announce the resignation of Ali Badreldeen as both the Middle East & North Africa Division and the Kuwait vACC Operation(s) Director effective immediately. Ali joined the respective teams back in the end of 2020 in order to establish the Kuwait vACC, Ali later joined the Divisional team to improve it's operational structures in sector files and much more. We thank Ali for his work and wish him the best of luck in the future.
  12. Cross the Land: Update #2 Ding dong! Hello all! So today voting was supposed to start! As you know things don’t always go to plan and frankly life would be boring if everything was plain sailing. So it is with regret that we delay the voting opening till 5th July. This is due to a developer who has fallen ill and we still need to make the voting system perfect for you! If you have any questions let me or the core planning team know and we will help as best we can!
  13. Cross the Land: Update #1 Hello VATSIM! The planning team is happy to announce that the airport voting process will open on the 1st of July 2021 at 00:00z! However, we are having a different system this time around to balance out the votes. We will be using a Single Transferrable Voting (STV) system this time around. This will mean that voters will be able to choose a first and second choice. But what does this mean? This means that if your first choice airport get's passed a certain threshold (which means that they are automatically in the event once they pass that) your vote will then b
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