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  1. Have you got "Set Airports by owned Sectors" by any chance in general settings? Sometimes ES will try to only show airports within the sectors ownership. You can check that out in the .ese under the sector with entries for DEPAPT and ARRAPT.
  2. The MENA Division Director welcome applications for the position of Marketing Director (VATMENA4) Roles and responsibilities: - Oversee all marketing within the division and support local vACCs when required; - Oversee the creation of content for the division within its open airspaces; - Oversee vACC planning and execution of events; - Manage and direct the VATMENA marketing team; - Work with local vACC Events & Marketing Staff - Coordinate with other division event teams. The preferred candidate will have: - Good planning and organisational skills - Good c
  3. Would you rather have a list that's available to all due to recent technical issues with the local division or have nothing viewable to you?
  4. Hi Paul, All of our previous vatame.vatme.net services have been taken down as we no longer have control over them. I'd recommend now checking http://vatsim.me/. For the U.A.E vACC and getting back to controlling I'd recommend emailing both [email protected] and [email protected] Hope it helps!
  5. I am pleased to welcome Joseph Donat Bolton to the divisional staff team as the new Division Deputy Director of Middle East & North Africa. Joseph has vast experience previously working within the old VATAFR division, ACCNAF and now recently starting up again the Kuwait vACC with great success. Joseph has fantastic ideas to help boost the division further in multiple areas and I look forward to working with him.
  6. The application period is now closed. Thanks to all that have applied. The appointment will be announced shortly within the coming hours.
  7. Try doing .dcenter LZIB and see if it seems to correct itself.
  8. From personal experience making an entire sectorfile from scratch is going to be trial and error and looking at how others do their files. You're better off starting to take a look at the online wiki and finding out what is inside the .sct and .ese files. You can find it here: https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/documentation-about-euroscope/
  9. One quick thing with this update I can no longer zoom in or out on my laptop with the trackpad gestures. Or is there any alternative for this?
  10. VATSIM works in a top-down structure. So if a position below is not opened (in this case clearance delivery) the one that is above it will take full responsibility of it. So in this case delivery will be combined with ground so you will need to request clearance, startup/push and taxi with the ground controller. However as this is the United States and I'm a bit unfamiliar it may or may not be the case (please USA folks correct me if I'm wrong haha). Continuing on my previous point, LA Center will cover anything above ground so that means Tower, Departure/Approach and Center all in one.
  11. As per the CoC mentioned by Tomas above you're encourages to file one. At least with basic info such as your aircraft type, departure and arrival fields and such. Makes it way more easier for us controllers to find you!
  12. I think this follows up with one of my recent posts. The A32X stable build was broken with the recent MSFS update which has seemed to break the radios. I think the DEV build fixes this.
  13. VATSIM Germany used to have some tools back in the day however I don't think it's available anymore. I know some US ARTCCs use the AutoCAD method but not sure how they exactly do it. I did however find this tutorial that uses AutoCAD:
  14. If I'm not mistaken the recent MSFS update broke the FBW A32X especially the radios. Had several pilots tell me they aren't able to tune frequencies at all. Do you have the latest version of the mod?
  15. It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Alex Lloyd as Bahrain vACCs' newest vACC Director! Alex has already been in the role in an interim level since Liam Pickering has resigned from his position last November. Alex has taken on huge responsibility and with challenges along the way we hope to see the vACC striving for success. Alex has already established a staff team and is now running the vACC at a stable level with many great things coming in the future for the Bahrain vACC. Best of Luck Alex!
  16. VATSIM-UK has a pretty good guide on how to create ground layouts / SMRs which can be found here: https://github.com/VATSIM-UK/UK-Sector-File/wiki/How-to-Create-SMR-Displays
  17. Hi everyone! Chriss from the CTL Planning Team Lead! Well... We've just wrapped up another edition of Cross the Land and on behalf of the CTL, Planning Team thank you the pilots for flying in the event! You guys are the reason we create events like these and without you, there would be no such thing as "Cross the Land". Booked and non-booked pilots we managed to control the event all the way with all the traffic and if we saw correctly we managed to get almost full-enroute ATC coverage throughout the event! Woohoo! There will b
  18. Did you restart your PC after installation by any chance? Sometimes that fixes it.
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