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  1. Applications are now being accepted for the position of Events Coordinator for VATCAR. The Events Coordinator is an important link between the facilities within and outside of VATCAR, as well as the pilots visiting the Caribbean, and is crucial in promoting VATCAR and its events to the rest of VATSIM. The duties listed below are delegated responsibilities that lie with the VATCAR Marketing & Events Team to fulfill. An Event Coordinator is expected to be able to commit at least 1 year on the job, and should take this into consideration before applying. REPORTS TO: VATSIM Caribbean
  2. Request from DutchVACC Events Manager to remove current posts on the VATSIM website and don't make any future posts on social media about this event due to expected traffic loads that might be too much for the available controllers during the 24 Hours (especially during peak hours). Apparently we're very popular to pilots 😅
  3. Dutch VACC will provide ATC for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol EHAM for an entire day! 24 straight hours of "Taxi 36L via Q, at W5 cross 36C". The ultimate opportunity for pilots from all across the world to experience the professional ATC that Schiphol is known for! #NoDelayAtSchiphol The event will start on friday May 8th at 1730z and will end exactly 24 hours later on saturday May 9th at 1730z. Scenery P3D / FSX - Payware Freeware X-Plane - Payware
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