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  1. As far as I remember, each Division has the autonomy to set their own training policies, but of course these will need to get the approval from usually the region director. Each division as far as I remember, with regards to issuing controller ratings, follows almost similar rules, as stated in the policy above. All other ratings other than S1, and up to C3, requires you to pass the theory test for that rating, then give you some time to train for your CPT/OTS by issuing a solo validation, before you take said CPT/OTS and pass it, before you are granted the rating you were working t
  2. Hello Yuval, There are many guides on the AeroNav GNG forum, you might want to refer there instead for questions regarding GNG.
  3. If there is no SID you think that fits, you can just request for a radar departure.
  4. Just wondering if this behaviour is normal...? It's showing up the ATISes as OBS, and the controller name is not there EDIT: This button isn't functioning for me:
  5. Hello! I was probably the Radar Controller on Approach that day :P. Although there are published charts on SID for the airport, the procedure in real life for the airport is for all departures to be radar-based instead. I'm not sure why but my best guess is due to the MSA, and mountains to the right side of the airport. So we usually for departures to the east, we will give pilot a vector to the west first, then to the south, and once they gain enough altitude, we give the pilot another vector, or a direct to a waypoint. As to why Radar One is not found, it's been phased out, as the MSA f
  6. If i remember correctly, open up the facility profile in vATIS, press CTRL + F, go to the last tab and enable International ATIS mode. This will spell out everything in word form.
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