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  1. Let me explain what the problem is ... On our DutchFly website (www.Dutchflyva.nl) we have a flight board with current flights projected on it. The flights can be flown via Vatsim, IVAO or with kACARS. Now it was always the case that the flights flown with the callsign DFL via Vatsim were also shown on this board ... And logged. Because our DFL pilots flying via Vatsim are no longer logged with us, their flying hours are no longer credited ... So it takes longer for them to rise in rank .... I know from my own experience that when I made a flight on Vatsim under the DFL590 callsign, this was shown on our flight board and the flight hours were also logged. Who oh who knows what to do? Sincerly, Hans CEO DutchFly VA
  2. For a several weeks we have received complaints from our pilots that the DutchFly pilots are no longer recognized at Vatsim. Have we been banned from Vatsim or is there an internal problem? I made a flight under my callsign DFL590 and indeed DutchFly is no longer recognized at Vatsim ......? Every Friday evening an average of 4 pilots fly on Vatsim under a DFL callsign but they are not logged with us .... Would you like help in this? Yours sincerely, Hans Molenaar CEO DutchFly-VA
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