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  1. I've noticed a issue today with my vPilot disconnecting the voice server wheen I go on e.g. youtube on the computer when in cruise and there is no ATC online. Never had this before, it does reconnect but then I won't hear the ATC when in their area and they won't hear me
  2. Hello, sorry might sound stupid and also sorry if this is in a wrong forum, but wanted to know (not that I will ever do that) if you drink beer, and you are on a point that you are a little bit drunk (not really drunk but on the border or tipsy, more between that), and the ATC notices you slur your words a bit, will you be automatically be booted or will they tell you like: "Hey listen, i think you have enough to drink now"
  3. When you install sceneries, for almost all of them (for all the installations I had in my personal experience), there should be two options: Automatic, thus that it tries to find a directory for you and if it doesn't it will create it automatically, or costum, where you can tell the scenery like "You have to go to that folder", and a bar will show where it will be installed if you continue (e.g. Microsoft/FSX), but it shouldn't belong there, so you can change it to steam/steamapps/FSX, and it should install there, most sceneries/aircraft has a readme where it says in what folder you should ins
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