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  1. The default C172 in FSX steam edition has the squawk knob set to Alt and is not operable. But Vatsim ATC doesn't see the squawk. So the solution was to set the squawk mode in the swift client.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the help. I was able to Squawk C successfully using Swift today on VATSIM with these instructions.
  3. I looked in the Swift manual and there is no mention of how to change the squawk mode.
  4. I'm running FSX (steam edition) with the latest stable Swift client. As requested by ATC for VFR flight following I use the ".x <squawkcode>" command in Swift to set my squawk code. The command updates the squawk code on the radio panel in my default Cessna 172 Skyhawk. (Side note: I noticed that this default Cessna 172 has the squawk mode set to Alt and the knob cannot be changed. Nor can the ident button be pushed). But Vatsim ATC reports that they cannot see my aircraft squawking on their radar. I'm lost as to how to fix this. And the only way I know to even reproduce the issue
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