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  1. Ah, I see. I have to connect the STAR with approach through the IAF. It's strange that in case of this particular charts this obvious thing did not came to mind! Thanx a lot!
  2. Hi! Can anybody explain me STAR chart at the pic below? The STAR is leading you direct to the field. For example I want to practice the approach to runway 33 (second pic) from PIMON. Where I have to divert from a direct line that I see at the STAR to a WW533 as it is IAF that I want to use? Thank you.
  3. I think I understood. So in the xPilot for example I enter the "SBI890" but when I make call's to ATC I use "Siberian 890". So the radio callsign consist of the "radio callsign" of the airline ("Siberian" for S7 and for example "Speedbird" for BA and the current flight number). Is that correct? And if I use GA aircraft I can use just the registration number (RA123 for example)?
  4. I saw this topic for newbies so I will ask my question here instead of creating separate thread. Also Im sure this question is been asked before and I just did not find answers. Tell me please more about the rules of callsigs. Particualy of the airliner callsigns. For example, let's say we have B737-800 of the S7 airline with the tail number of 12345 and the prefix of RA (since this is Russian airline so RA is the apropriate one I guess) and the flight number let's say 890 (from city A to city B). So when I make an initial call how I must present myself? I read the vatsim manual about ca
  5. Hi. Another newbie here. 🙂 I have two questions for now. First about unicom. Is it preferable to use voice to announce at unicom? I read in some vatsim documents (can't say the particular one but somewhere in the beginner's guides) that text is preferable in unicom. Maybe I read it incorrectly? Second one is about text-only controllers and the game pause. The situation I was in couple days ago: I flew VFR in Yak-18T which does not have any navigational instruments except ADF (without DME) and no autopilot. So it is 100% manual and day-VFR-only aircraft. The only controller in the a
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