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  1. I generally prefer to announce my intentions, One time me and my friend were ready for take off and i couldnt see someone on final (pilot just turned onto final) Thanks to him announcing on unicom we knew we had to wait with taking off, I always announce my intentions on unicom and everyone that i introduce to vatsim i will always tell them to announce their intentions on 122.8 if they are uncontrolled because there are so many benefits from announcing stuff on unicom. I kinda agree we need more unicom encouragement but we should not force anyone to talk on unicom if that may be needed. Some p
  2. Thank you! Im still trying to get to know her but it will be loads of fun zooming past everyone at such high altitudes! 🙂
  3. Is it allowed to fly the SR71 blackbird on vatsim or would i need to join a special division to be allowed to fly the SR71 on VATSIM? Just double checking!
  4. Im by no means a computer nerd but it sounds a bit overkill! So i think it would be a solid system yes
  5. My first flight on VATSIM went okay, I was in luck that the runway combination on my favorite hop was in use. EDDM->EHAM with 08R for take off and 06 to land in EHAM. However i still feel sometimes some jitters because my sim has a quite old navdatabase and doesnt know many sids and stars. Which causes me to ask for a vectored departure. I tried updating my navdatabase but to no avail. Sometimes my scenery also starts working against me.. But it doesnt stop me from flying VATSIM 🙂 I got addicted with the VATSIM virus(atleast that one is a good one 😉 ) I try to stick to one callsign as much
  6. Little late but thank you Gunnar! VATSIM already kept me busy 30h and im still not bored 🙂
  7. Hello, Is it possible within vatspy to create a filter that will highlight someone using a specific callsign. I mean i want to give the filter a callsign (SXS) and it should highlight anyone flying with SXS in their callsign. Would that be possible?
  8. Thanks alot for the awesome experience, I flew to EHAM as SXS98X (Callsign SunExpress) and it was surreal, The waiting in line and then when its your turn to go. Amazing! Thanks Vateir and Vatsim UK for the awesome experience! And the dutchvacc to top it up with full control in Amsterdam upon arrival!
  9. So just over a week ago i began actively considering to fly on VATSIM. I was practising offline hard to fly SIDs and STAR's as i was scared by SIDs and STARs just over a week ago. Then came wednesday 22 april 2020. I made the decision to start observing from the gate and tune into the various frequencys that were active on EHAM. Later in the evening i checked the bookings and i noticed there would be alot of ATC available for the flight i trained offline the most. EDDM-EHAM/EHAM-EDDM. So my VATSIM adventure started right there. When i tuned into delivery for the first time to ask for IFR clear
  10. Thanks, Planning my first flight for the evening. Just want to get familiar to how it works. So ill do some listening from plane's perspective and then flying tonight 🙂
  11. Hello, Im about to jump into vatsim and i'd like to listen to active ATC first before starting to fly myself. however what callsign should i use when doing this? Greetings Ruben
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