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  1. Wow thanks for this. I’ve taken your and Josh’s advice and have started or applied to the VATSTAR and Boston based training. I’m trying to decide if I do both concurrently or one after the other. I’m retired and due to age and other Covid risk factors probably house bound for a long time. So lots of time available to do both, but perhaps better understanding and retention one at a time. Again thanks to you and everyone else!
  2. That program looks great. Given my situation do you think I would get more general pilot training than the VATSTAR which seems quite oriented towards that particular environment? I guess it doesn't matter to much where I learn, and if I'm being 'supervised' periodically, I'm retired so the time difference wouldn't matter that much.
  3. Hi Josh - I thought I read somewhere that pilots going through the training had to sign up with an ATO for supervision/testing etc. I know that Seattle has that from their website, but could not find a reference to that on the Oakland group site.
  4. That's great Andreas - I appreciate that information and will proceed with VATSTAR.
  5. Thanks Jacob. My goal at this point is to get more proficient at the technical aspects of flying: flight planning, navigation, ground procedures, ATC for example. The idea of tackling a thousand buttons, dials, indicators, screens, etc in the bigger planes is daunting - so don't have a desire to go there currently. I also learn more slowly at this point in life so the time and energy expenditure to get to an airline pilot status is beyond me I believe. So I guess my question is, can I be that guy hanging out in VATSIM with my smaller craft and a) not be a pain in the ass b) have fun
  6. Hi folks, very newbie here wanting to understand what the primary aircraft types that Vatsim is focused on; what type of pilot. Is it primarily heavies or are there also GAs? As a fairly new XP11 pilot, I’m flying twin engine prop and jets and wanting to stay that way for quite some time, especially as I go through PTD training. Which brings up my second question. I’m on the West Coast of US and want to go through that training. Any recommendations on which ATCC I should use? Thanks , Brian
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