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  1. I noticed at Manchester UK (EGCC) I have to ask the controller for start-up and push back clearance. I know this can be found in the Navigraph Airport Briefing (DEP) and is also said in the real world. I know this is obvious for Passenger Airliners/Large Aircraft, but surely for smaller aircraft that do not require push back, can they simply get away with just asking for a start-up request? or am talking rubbish?
  2. Before flying a VFR circuit around an airport do I have to ask ATC for a start up request? For example; I might say 'C172 DW by Apron xyz, Type GA, VFR to remain in the pattern, and request start up' I assume with a IFR flight you don’t have to request for start up and this particular request can be skipped. Am I right? With IFR I might say; 'C172 DW by Apron xyz, Type GA, request IFR clearance to Gatwick with information Bravo' * The information Bravo coming from the ATIS
  3. I noticed that when flying in the UK I am only told the setting in hectopascal (hPa) and never Inches of mercury (inHg) by ATC. This includes when listening to the ATIS. I don't have a problem with this, I was just wondering is this the standard unit for Europe?
  4. So I only need to file the flight plan just the once on XPilot, regardless of any ATC departure changes?
  5. I noticed that before you start a IFR plan you have to state your flight plan route including SIDS. If ATC tell you to takeoff and fly another departure not previously stated in your flight plan do you have to re file another flight plan/what they want and BEFORE you taxi to the runway. Do they expect this?
  6. When filing a flight plan using software such as xpilot do I need to put in my STAR for the destination airport. I know ATC will vector me in so is there any need?
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