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  1. Thanks for you input. Unfortunately, here in the UAE VPN's are not legal and therefore we cannot be using them freely. It may seem that the regions network restrictions may be blocking certain connections leading to the error. The error still remains unfortunately meaning I may not be able to connect to Vatsim anytime soon unless I fly US routes (Which too is very glitchy these days). If anyone has any updates, please keep posting them here. Regards, Satanshu
  2. I cannot be certain. I believe I was disconnected when with Traffic and without. At EGLL I can clear hear people if I pre-select the ground freq. Whether there were too many people? No clue as I cant tell but there are never more than 10 people at EGLL in general. I also connect to EDDM which was empty at the time and that also resulted in an instant disconnect. I wasn't the one who sent the email. I asked a Supervisor online to ask developers to look at this thread and try to solve the problem. Some indeed came on page one and asked all network issues to be sent to a certain e
  3. To be honest, three weeks ago this was working fine. Then I decided to reset my Computer eight times because of a Windows issue and four days later when i start up VATSIM it gives me this error. So i dont know if this is a vPilot issue or a Vatsim server issue but it looks more like the later. Can someone give 2.5.1 a try and let us know? I dont know if its possible to use this version of vPilot but it may be worth a shot to either isolate vPilot as the problem or further solidify the problem being purely with Vatsim servers. Although logically, if this were a VATSIM issue, then ho
  4. An update regarding my position. the issue seems to be getting better as I was able to stay connected on Canada and UK1 server at EGLL for a good 5 mins. I am currently connected with a stable connection at EGLL listening to Ground speak on the USA-West server however I for whatever reason do not have any controllers in range even though I can hear them speak. I am hoping this trend will continue and that the issue will self rectify itself...in the near future.
  5. Actually I have tried a pretty reliable Pay-ware VPN as well however the problem seems to be a bit more confusing. As of now I am able to login to VATSIM using vPilot however if I am to enter the European or UK regions I will be faced with this timeout error. Clearly this isn't a problem with the internet location as I am am to connect to and interact with ATC on all other regions (USA, Asia, etc.). With all my addons and Home Base being in the aforementioned regions, I feel a bit annoyed but this is progress and we are closing in on the problem. I am open to any suggestions on what
  6. Yes I am current living in the UAE. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried one of the Free VPNs available but that resulted in no success either. Any other advise? This is really frustrating 😧
  7. Hello Everyone, I just installed vPilot on my New computer. After Doing the necessary setup and booting up FSX, I try to login to VATSIM. While vPilot initially connects, With in 30 seconds it disconnects giving "Network error: Client authentication response timeout" as the reason. Can someone suggest a solution to this issue cause I was really looking forwards to doing a pleasant flight today. Regards Satanshu
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