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  1. Hotspot shield VP I have already a subscription I know it's not the right way because connecting to vatsim should be done without a third party addon .. but this a temporary solution until the new network infrastructure is released As i was passing the African aerospace I got into European sector (EURM_FSS) I contacted that ATC after 20 mins approx i faced that client authentication error . I have downloaded the vpn and i completed my trip ti Frankfurt like a charm Note that these ports related to voice are forbidden here in UAE by the government Af
  2. I have reinstalled windows . Changed the router . Still no hope Now I am in flight as DL569 . I departed from DNMM in Africa . everything was good . my arrival is EDDF . while approaching the European area I had the same Client authentication error CMD traceroute :- Tracing route to voice1.vatsim.uk [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 5 ms 12 ms <1 ms dlinkrouter [] 2 14 ms 9 ms 2 ms 3 4 ms 8 ms 8 ms 4 8 ms 14 ms 5 ms 195.229.4
  3. yeah for me also it happened in europ only , i have connected on the deafult p3d airport (KVPS) i think and no problems
  4. do you lie in gulf area ? because most of affected users including me are located in this area
  5. I have been trying to connect to VATSIM for three days and i cant !! i was having a stable connection with SYD-1 Server now since it deployed i can't connect to VATSIM every time i face Network error: Client authentication response timeout I have tried changing to all servers i have p3d v4.5 , Vpliot 2.5.2
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