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  1. Hello guys! This is my second time flying with vatsim! Im using xpilot as my app. I have a problem, i dont see the other planes on the apron or in the air! Every time atc tells me to give way to some other aircraft! any idea how to make them appear? Thnks in advance!
  2. It Worked! actually i saw a video on youtube of proaviation, but it was too old! now i see things have improved. anyway, thanks for the help. i removed xSquawkbox! xpilot seems more easy to operate! thanks a lot
  3. In the manual says that i should connect them both!
  4. Yes, i have them both in my plugins directory, and i start the sim, i connect xSquawkbox and than i open the xpilot app and i connect that too! on my screen appear 2 planes inside one another!
  5. Hello guys! i seem to have a duplicate connection on my vatsim account! This is my very first time using xpilot and xSquawkbox! Maybe i did something wrong, but i cant figure it out how to have just one single connection! A controller contacted me, threatening me that will close my vatsim account! Can some body help me to figure out what i did wrong? thnks in advance
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