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  1. in FSX, Windows 10, I have resolved this by deleting the start icons for vpilot and fsx and redoing them both with 'run as administrator'.
  2. today [Aust time] in KSFO and KOQU rx quality is excellent. i suspect mobile broadband interference with computer usb or other. in other words i have to be careful of what is near or connected to the computer while the sim is running. the mobile is not connected to the computer but i think the signal may be causing interference.
  3. Disconnect Time: logfile.pdf -How Often your disconnects are: logfile.pdf -What error the client showed on disconnect: none -Callsign: KVJ -Client Version: vPilot 2.5.2 -Internet Speed: PING ms 36 DOWNLOAD Mbps 4.67 UPLOAD Mbps 16.65 -Internet Provider or rough real world location: mobile broadband Telstra Newcastle Australia logfile.pdf logfile.pdf
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