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  1. Friends thank you for participating in this issue, it is important for me and my teammates! Almik is somewhat sly, saying that he did not ask for official requests, it is not so easy for him to prioritize IVAO. He confirmed that he will make changes in the next release and that's great) Taking this opportunity, I appeal to the leadership of VATSIM, if possible, let's take an example and make a tool like in IVAO to change information about real airlines, I am ready to show and provide information in a personal message as it happens! My team and I are very fond of VATSIM, moreover, several of ou
  2. Andreas, Swift as well as Pilot take traffic bases with XCSL, so respectively communication should be well, or at least Vatsim should take part in solving this issue The man's name is Almik here's his mail [email protected] if a Vatsim representative contacts And notifies them of these changes, they will go to a meeting, or the manufacturers of the Xpilot or Swift plugin? they also produced it for the Vatsim network?
  3. https://prnt.sc/shv20f https://prnt.sc/shv28f
  4. I just updated the traffic there with an Updater as before KTK (((
  5. Good day colleagues, I and our team of Azur air fans, please change the code to match the reality below screenshots from flight radar 24. https://prnt.sc/shdwe4
  6. Good day) AZOVAVIA Airline ceased to exist in 2004! Indeed, this company used the ICAO code azv. But we strive to get as close to reality as possible) Currently, the AZV code is used by Azur airlines .
  7. https://prnt.sc/saraoo Thank you very much
  8. Andreas, the person who contacted the developer of X-CSL is me, I hope that this issue will be resolved)) Tell pliz and how to find out that changes in VAtsim made?
  9. Good afternoon! Please change the ICAO code, due to new icao code of Azur Air Airline -AZV, old ICAO code was KTK ICAO: NEW-AZV (OLD -KTK) IATA: ZF Name: AZUR air Callsign: AZUR AIR Type: Real Link: https://www.azurair.ru/
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