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  1. OMG, problem solved, that was my antivirus which isolated files. Thank you so much fo your help 🙂
  2. I'm useing .NET Framework 4.8. I don't have xpilot folder at all, when i launch it again it's not changing anything, still no files even luancher said installation completed 😞
  3. Hi all, I have a big problem. I decided to switch from Xsqawbox to Xpilot. I did everything following instructions on the offical webside and youtube tutorials as well. Installator says installation is comleted, but when I click the finish button, program don't exist on my computer. When i click finish with 'start xPilot' option ticked I'm getting Error window which says: 'Unhandled exception: The operation completed successfully' and that's it. I click OK and nothing is happening... Does anyone have any ideas how to slove the problem and what is going on?
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