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  1. The problem, that I should have caught before all this... On Saitek yoke buttons 3 and 4 for set to up and down trim and concurrently in vPilot, PPT set also to button 3( had changed it from right ctrl key). Only confirmed it after assigning trim to toggle up-down on the throttle where must ffirmly press and hold btn for trim to change. Just bought FS REALwx 3.0 for real world and-or vatsim wx...works great.
  2. When connected to the vatsim network via vPilot, my QW787 starts a uncontrollable severe pitch up! Aircraft will also wobble pitch up and down if I manage to get the pitch up under some semblanceof control. Using vnav and manual fps control results the same. I've tested this under same configuration and airport rwy when non connected to vatsim with normal operations of the aircraft.
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