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  1. Okay, thanks! I'll give it a shot later today. Wil
  2. I loaded the flight plan in the sim using SimBrief and had finished all my pre-flight checks before connecting. 😞
  3. Good morning. Just updated to v2.7 of vPilot. Running in host mode with voice and then client mode on separate PC. When connecting, I get the following: vPilot was working fine until the latest update. Any thoughts? THanks Wil
  4. Thanks for the info .... should have realized it would take a while to propagate. Wil
  5. Good afternoon I've been through the vPilot threads and so far have only found one entry on this topic, of which the solution was vague. I installed v2.5.2 (current download version) and have properly set up all of the credentials and other items in the initial set up. However, when I connect, I get the following error: I uninstalled, and the reinstalled the client to no avail. The FAQ page on Vatsim states that I need to ensure my password is entered correctly, which I've verified by logging in to VatSim and this forum. My password is five digits and hard to mess u
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