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  1. Ethan, Thank you very much for that detailed explaination. I think that will most definately satisfy the doubt of many if they had any. I will send you an email.
  2. I obtain the rating back in 2013 when I worked for the Pilot Training Academy. Right now I think unless you are an instructor with the PTD it is not otherwise available.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply and I will wait to hear from the PTD Department on this particular subject.
  4. Hello Fellow Members, So I currently have a P9 and according to the statement above mentioned, when this new system comes online I will automatically have a P4, it that what I am to understand?
  5. Hi Dave, Those words were indeed encouraging, on behalf of Chris Stacy, ATM myself and others like Kevin, Micheal and more in particular Brighton, who joined the Houston ARTCC the same time as I did, we would all like to say thank you for your kind and encouraging words! It is only through the joint efforts of everyone here that it has been possible and I do mean everyone.
  6. Hello Tony, If I were you and you are receiving those errors, perhaps you should open a ticket at Membership, http://membership.vatsim.net/user/. I am sure they would be more than happy to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you in your request. Good luck, sorry I could not be more helpful.
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