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  1. and your says you cant accept PM's Graeme#5435 is my discord username
  2. says you cannot rx private messages can you message me ?
  3. I followed the plug in steps i did not install CPDLC (is that necessary) ?
  4. Thank you for your help. Ok i moved the "Standard ES radar screen" over to the left box. "SMR radar display" was already there i saved closed and reloaded Euroscope. Still no traffic
  5. Thanks i will read up on that now
  6. Hi Guys, I am trying to use and implement the plugin with a sector file in the USA (Denver) i am unable to see any traffic when switching to the SMR radar Screen. I have vigorously followed the install directions in the wiki. Reached out to the support their. They said the issue was user related (which i don't doubt) but refused to help me. I sent them my ASR file but got no feedback on whether or not that was setup correctly. If anyone would be willing to help me troubleshoot i would appreciate it. Cheers Graeme
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