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  1. Ross, this ability in vPilot would be great. To be able to toggle between Headset and Speaker. That way when you get up from your computer you can switch it over to speaker and be able to monitor ATC still?
  2. Thank you Mark. I'm looking forward to seeing you fly some more. I'm wishing you the best mate.
  3. Gday, I’d like to be able to communicate on two frequencies at one. For two reason. 1) departing from an uncontrolled airfield - communicate on CTAF and enroute controller at once i.e. departure call 2) communicate on CTAF and UNICOM to avoid the circumstances where someone might not know the CTAF frequency or your near an airport and wishing to communicate on both.
  4. Ross, what about a deafen button so it can be held but as soon as you let the button go it will be unmuted.
  5. This is good advice for IFR departure from untowered airfield. The proper phraseology in Australia at least (example for Toowoomba, in the real world you would transmit on two frequencies😞 Pilot: Toowoomba Traffic and Brisbane Centre, [callsign for VHTWB] TWB, IFR, Cessna 172, 4 POB, Taxis runway 11. Toowoomba Traffic. Brisbane Centre: TWB, [traffic info e.g.] No reported traffic, squawk XXXX Pilot [center freq only]: No reported traffic, squawk XXXX, TWB
  6. I agree for AFV. As a controller I’d like to be able to quick reroute sound to the desktop so that I can get up and move without being limited to 1m from the computer.
  7. Is there a way for ATC to monitor UNICOM?
  8. Applications are being sort for the position of Director Australia Pacific. Applicants can download a copy of the Role Description from the link provided below. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoKLQ8CUwLgxguc_y1DM0P5FHR9mSQ Applications should include a CV/Resume accompanied by a two page cover letter addressing the five points found in "How you will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essed". Applications for this position will be open until 1400z 30 October 2017, and should be emailed to [email protected] VATPAC DIVISION DIRECTOR VACANCY PLACE ON HOLD
  9. Hi Greg, I was considering a reply to this post, to dispel the many false and misleading statements you have made, and continue to make. However I will remain strong and not be tempted. All I will say is thank you for everything that you had done for VATPAC. Your efforts have been ingrained in to the ongoing history of the division and your leadership is undoubtedly what has left VATPAC a strong. You have given considerable time to the betterment of VATPAC and I thank you for that. After all is said and done, I truely respect you and hope you can find peace in your new freedoms.
  10. Hey Nathan, I cannot find your reference to where the words “will” and “all” have been used in reference to the CTAF discussion. Could you perhaps quote this as I have had a look and can’t find it. Thanks It wasn't said on this forum but the facebook group by a Vatsim supervisor so i took that as the official word. That is a mistake by me to mix the both the forum and facebook group into one conversation , I apologize . No need to apologise, I just thought I missed something
  11. Hey Nathan, I cannot find your reference to where the words “will” and “all” have been used in reference to the CTAF discussion. Could you perhaps quote this as I have had a look and can’t find it. Thanks
  12. Good afternoon/morning everyone, You would have heard of the changes that are happening across our region. These include a re-structure to better support and engage you our members. While this is only the early stages, and consultation with the divisions is ongoing, we are ready to make some announcements which effect the regional team. Below is the new structure of the region at this point in our journey. Along with the above structure, I am please to be able to make the following announcements: The person heading up the Information Division is Paul Tyquin who has been
  13. Great feedback Kyprianos, it is good to see that you are supportive of this venture.
  14. All great feedback. The process which has been drafted incorporates both voice and text and the pilot will be able to use which ever method they are most comfortable with. I’m sure each division or region will formulate there own plan around language which best suits their members to ensure they achieve maximum engagement. This proposal is about encreasing our member engagement so we will be looking for the solution that brings all the members along for the ride. Keep the good ideas coming!
  15. When you say vPilot now allows for manually selecting a CTAF, what do you mean? He is referring to using vPilot and AVC together and letting AVC run the voice part, then you can manual tune into any voice room
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