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  1. Thank you. Here is the link for the scenery: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/8701/fsx-mojave-boneyard-scenery/
  2. Never mind. You're flying a Cargolux 747
  3. Hey everyone. Today I thought I would do something special. I decided to take a MD-83 that was in "storage" at DFW airport, and fly it to the Mojave Desert (KMHV). Flying as American#9835, It was a 3 1/2 hour flight that began at the maintenance hangers at Dallas, and ended in the fields of the Mojave Desert Boneyard, where I then Disconnected from VATSIM and spent 30 Minutes painting this MD-80 into Ex-American Decommissioned Colors. I lastly put the airplane in the fields next to some other retired aircraft. I hope you enjoy. Cruising at FL360Descending into California. We're flying over s
  4. Beautiful. What airline where you flying and what time of day?
  5. Hey I was wondering, are we allowed to Suggest/Create a vatsim Event?
  6. amazing shots. where did you get the L1011?
  7. i'm pretty sure that it also applies to vatsim
  8. sometimes. it usually goes to a white screen and just closes the tab
  9. @Ross Carlsonit's whenever i go to a busy airport. so, i think it has to be my computer. my laptop isn't the largest and it doesn't have a huge amount of storage on it. is there anyway i could troubleshoot this without buying a new computer?
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