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  1. Thank you very much! That would solve it! I've tried already to contact them on their FB Support page!
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I managed to get our CSL livery up and running for XP11 with the Bluebell packages (only available for XSquawkBox, xPilot, swift, and X-IvAp). I would like to bring the chance to the ones using vPilot to fly with our livery and callsign on the network as well! I do not use vPilot so I'm not actually confident with what CSL package they work with. Could anyone give me some ideas on how could I get the livery (CSL) for the PMDG 737 (P3D and FSX) to shown online on vatsim via vPilot? If I can get a contact of the CSL package used by vPilot I can forward our CSL li
  3. Just amazed by the great work the community is putting in! Great looking new logo! Let's make VATITA great again. Next step I imagine will be the website. I've seen Alessandro's post that you are looking for some help... it must not be easy! I'll try and help with anything if you need.
  4. I think that a simple "well done" is not enough! Just no words for the work you all have done! Well deserved Christmas break. Keep the amazing work done up. Happy Christmas and and Happy New Year to you too!
  5. Patrick, if this doesn't solve your problem, the X-pilot developer has published the official Xpilot discord server. I'll leave the invite here https://discord.com/invite/DQUK8E7 . There is the support channel and you can ask there directly to the developer!
  6. Evening Patrick, what I could suggest is to make a clean install of the Bluebell CSL package. It should be updated in a short while with some new liveries as well! In the XP11 Forum download all the folders in the Bluebell "Download this file" section. Unzip all of them in: XP11 Main directory / Resources / Plugins / Xpilot / Resources / CSL / Bluebell. That should solve your issue! I've never had it.
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