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  1. Hi, In the future, I am considering flying with someone in a shared cockpit flight on VATSIM, but we don't know how to do it. If both of us connect to VATSIM, we end up with 2 planes, and if we wanted to fly together on VATSIM, only 1 of us would be able to connect. Is there any way possible to sort this, maybe by using Audio for VATSIM, so we can both talk to ATC directly.
  2. How would you let the ATC know your doing the stopover. Departure: YSSY Arrival: EGLL Alternate: OMDB Would be like that?
  3. Hi, I am planning on doing YSSY - EGLL soon but I don't think I would make the whole distance with enough fuel so I would need to maybe make a refuelling stop in OMDB or a similar location. Is it possible for stopover flights in VATSIM so it could be like YSSY > OMDB > EGLL
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