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  1. Thanks Mike. I did receive the notification for this response. Keeping my fingers crossed for continued success of notifications
  2. I finally received an email notification regarding the issue in support ticket 20209537. Hopefully we can resolve this issue promptly. Thanks again Don. I am not, however, receiving notifications from these forum posts. I must be flying too close to a black hole or sun flares 😉
  3. Thanks for the response here on the forum. And thanks Don, for your help in my initial application. Still haven't received an email from the support ticket. I have checked spam and junk folders. Can someone check that vatsim does in fact have my correct email address? Edit: I just checked my forum profile and it appears that the email address is correct. I don't know why I'm not receiving any.
  4. Came back from a short hiatus and my account is suspended. Granted, I'm not very active due to computer limitations. I currently am an observer/beginner and while observing I'm trying to learn procedures by listening to ATC and pilots. I've created a support ticket but have not gotten a response. Also, when I first joined VATSIM I never received a response from the membership application. I got approved via individual email exchange with a membership officer that I had to initiate on my own. I'm wondering if the membership process and the support ticket process both have an issue with the form
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