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  1. Hi guys, I'm somehow managed to corrupt a few of my aircraft.cfg files from the FLAi model matching data I have. I know I'm asking a lot, but could someone please send me the aircraft.cfg files for the below aircraft? I have the IP problematic stuff like models and repaints, I just need the aircraft.cfg files. Please please please can someone do me a huge favor? CRJ2 B789 B738 AT45 AT75 A320
  2. Found the problem. The problem is the Simlink doesn't remove the entry in the dll.xml after install: Go and find the dll.xml in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX and open it with notepad. Find the entry for Simlink and delete it. Problem solved!
  3. Hi, I recently installed and then uninstalled Navigraph simlink as I only have the airac subscription, so didn't need simlink. However, now every time I start FSX, the root FSX folder opens in windows explorer. I read online that a faulty XML file can cause this. If that is the problem, how do I dig this XML out? Or is it something else altogether? Cheers, Matt
  4. I thought that would be the case 😅 Our example was at Heathrow. Do they have one pushback, bus, stairs, tug, food truck, etc. per aircraft stand?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how many ground vehicles a commercial airport has? It came up in conversation the other day and I am completely clueless. Thanks, Matt
  6. Project Airbus tries to model a FBW system (as much as FSX allows), and they even document how they've tried to implement the three different modes (page 45). I've been trying to fly the planes using "Normal law". I just tested the plane in "Direct law" and it has completely fixed my problem. I find "Normal law" completely unresponsive and I can't get the plane anywhere near the runway when trying to land.
  7. The problem was due to low memory space on my SSD. I moved all aircraft and add-on sceneries to another drive to free up 40Gb space on the SSD and I've not had the problem since. I read the SSD's lose performance once they're >80% full.
  8. Hi, I'm flying on FSX using a project Airbus model for the A320 and A321. However, both aircraft are very unresponsive to my stick inputs. When I try to turn and pitch, the aircraft response is delayed and reduced. Why could this be? Any ideas for a fix? Cheers, Matt
  9. Good news! I've solved the problem and it was a frustratingly simple solution. Download the latest Xbox for PC app from the MS store Purchase the Xbox 1 month game pass for £1 Launch MSFS from within the Xbox for PC app The installer is currently running and appears to be working fine. I just have to remember to cancel the Xbox game pass before it auto renews. It's only £1 for the first month.
  10. Yes, I reinstalled FSX recently to see if that was the problem but it didn't seem to help
  11. From at the install guide posted (https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015760620-Download-Installation-guides), shortly after the "Select 'Install'" step, it asks me to "Follow the install process". From the drop down in the image provided, you can see that the option of the (D:) is selected. However, when I try to do this, I am only given the option for the (C:) or (E:), both of which are too small. Therefore for me, the "Free Up Space" button is clickable and the "Install" button is greyed out (Opposite to the picture on the walk-through). This also means I cannot progres
  12. Hi all, I have an issue with terrain textures when in the cruise. My PC doesn't load ground textures, meaning the ground is blurred. My sim then has a significant freeze, which can take up to 2-3 mins (very frustrating when flying online in busy airspace) while it loads the ground textures. On longer flights, this may happen several times as I cover a larger area. My PC system is capable, I'm running FSX Acceleration (disk version) on Windows 10 with 8 Gb RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M. A Medion P6661 to be precise. I run FSX on fairly low settings and I have added "HIGHMEMFIX
  13. Hi all, I only have a 128 Gb SSD, therefore I do not have enough space to install MSFS on this drive, so I've been trying to install it on my 1 Tb hard drive. I've got a copy of the game through the MS store, however when I try to install the game through the store, I do not have the option to install to the HD (D:). The MS store only allows install to my SSD or recovery drive, neither of which have enough space to MSFS. I've always had the "Change where new content is saved" under More storage settings selected as (D:) and I've tried renaming WindowsApps in (D:) drive to WindowsApp
  14. You're point got me thinking Ross, so I had a google and I think I've found my solution: It looks like vasFMC is interfering with the mode C button in vpilot
  15. I run; FSrealWX, vasFMC, Ultimate Traffic 2 (turned off), Skytrack (my VA's flight tracking software), my VA's AI traffic package (turned off), WOAI and some IVAO software (turned off). I'm also using my VA's aircraft but these use the default FSX cockpits and panels as well Due to my PC spec, I only use freeware scenery which uses the default object libraries.
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