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  1. Good Evening everyone! We are glad to announce Kun Yu Lim (Wesley) as the events and marketing director for Nepal vACC :flag_np: We are excited for upcoming events that will be hosted by our new Events and Marketing Director. Effective from today all the Events and Marketing department for Nepal vACC will be handled by Kun Yu Lim! Congratulations on your New role Wesley!
  2. Nepal vACC presents you a wonderful event Swagatam Bhutan! Fly between the difficult approach of Kathmandu and Paro and also you can get a beautiful view of Mt.Everest in-route. Choose your favourite route from VQPR-VNKT or VNKT-VQPR Time: 13:30z-15:30z on 19th of Feb, 2021. And also there will be a C1 CPT for Bikesh Devkota, Help him to earn his C1 rating! Book your flight/ATC slots now! Flight Booking: Book here ATC Booking: Book here
  3. ACCNPL5 vacancy will be closed at 20th Feb, 13:30z. Applications after deadline won't get accepted. Interested candidate can still apply.
  4. There is C1CPT of @Bikesh Devkota in 19th Feb, 13:30z-15:30z as VNSM_CTR, Come Fly IFR/VFR In/Out of VNSM and help Bikesh to earn his C1 ratings. Candidate: Bikesh Devkota Time: 13:30z to 15:30z Position: VNSM_CTR Current Rating: S3
  5. Nepal vACC presents you the Controller of the Month. What is Controller of the month? -Controller of the month is a certificate of appreciation which is specially awarded only to the controller who has the highest ATC controlling hours in any position within Nepal vACC. The more hours you gain as ATC in VNSM fir , more chances for you to get this certificate. What will we gain if we are awarded controller of the month? - You will be featured in Discord, VATSIM Forums, Nepal vACC Social Media, Website. How can we Participate?` - Its very simple you only have to login as AT
  6. Nepal vACC in collaboration with India vACC presents you event Swagatam Nepal!! Bring your Favorite aircraft and choose your route from VNKT-VIDP or VIDP-VNKT with some hard-working ATC waiting for you to provide you some awesome ATC services. & You can also help @Bikesh Devkota to earn his C1 ratings on VNSM_CTR by flying In/Out from VNSM FIR. Details 10th FEB, 13:30z-15:30z, Wednesday
  7. ACCNPL5 position has been extended until a suitable candidate is found.
  8. Position vacancy has been extended until a successful Candidate is found.
  9. Hi everyone! We are glad to announce that Nepal vACC has it's very own official discord server. Join us to get the latest update about upcoming News and Events.
  10. Hi Adhiraj, I think you should post this in Support> ATC Software, they may can help you there?
  11. Thank you everyone. Looking forward to work with you all. 😄
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