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  1. Yeah I have tried several times, the site jsut crashes or something else doesnt work...
  2. Um, hello? Someone gotta know the answer.
  3. Hello there, how do I delete my VATSIM forum account (this platform)?
  4. That's what I did when uninstalling.
  5. Interesting. You might have a bad internet connection.
  6. I think he fixed it by changing the files in the CSL folder.
  7. How many monitors do you have? If you think alt+tab is the problem you could have xpilot on another screen like me. I also think that it gets stuck because it's not recognizing that you released the button. Release it before you alt+tab and you should be good. Also try to (when your mic is stuck) click your ptt-button once so it "updates".
  8. Check your ATC frequency, and the speaker/volume settings in Xpilot. I think one of those two is the problem.
  9. I belive that private messages will appear in the radio messages, they do for me if I remember correctly.
  10. It's wierd that the XPLM plugin itself is the cause of the crash. Can you upload the log to something like Google Drive or Mediafire and me (or somone else) can take a look at it. At first clance tho you should probably reinstall Xpilot so all the nessecary files is added.
  11. Why do you want to hear other pilots in the first place? (Just wondering) Anyways, I think that something is wrong with your Xpilot settings. (Both in xpilot.exe and the xplane in-game plugin prefrences) I'm not an engineer but looking over the settings might be a good place to start.
  12. I had kind of the same problem. Have you tried to reinstall Xpilot? I reinstalled Xpilot and downloaded the CSL files again into xplane-recources-plugins-xpilot-resources-csl and then everything worked again.
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