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  1. Cole Lacey


    Still not working 😞
  2. Cole Lacey


    Yes done all of that installed it
  3. Cole Lacey


    What sim connect verison do you think i need ?
  4. Cole Lacey


    so the simconnect i downloaded i need to uninstall it right ? i had this problem at the start when i first downloaded it i didnt even download anything at the start i just had p3d and vpilot
  5. Cole Lacey


    Do you think i should reinstall my p3d and v pilot and start again ? i have download simconnect because that was what i was told to do
  6. Cole Lacey


    Hi guys recently I have been having problems with my Vpilot ive tried reinstalling I have tried running as an admin I have download simconnect I have everything but still not working https://gyazo.com/ebd738d73eddf7c19219a07233581220 if somebody could help me that would be awesome !
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