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  1. Andreas, When I load that page, an old flight plan shows up automatically, except for the route, communication type, and remarks. Pressing "Clear Form" doesn't remove this data. If I delete the data and enter in a different plan, it doesn't give any confirmation and refreshes, re-filling in the old data. Trying to look up flight plans also gives this old flight plan. I've tried deleting the data and cache on my browser, which doesn't change the sites behavior. I'm going to reinstall my browser now and see if it changes anything. Edit: it still fills in automatically after a br
  2. Richard, I usually file through SimBrief, but the old flight plan data gets overwritten over the new plan somehow. Andreas, I have my browser set up that way too. Unfortunately, this isn't an issue with the autofill in my browser, because the fields filled in with the old flight plan don't highlight yellow like my base, username and password fields do.
  3. When I try to use the flight plan file site for VATSIM, it autofills with an old flight plan automatically. It isn't a password/personal info autofill because the fields don't highlight yellow like when autofilling personal info. I have this behavior on Firefox. If I try filing it on Chrome instead, it won't fill the info, but will just return a generic "error filing flight plan" when I try to file. The only way I'm able to file a flight plan right now is using vPilot, which isn't ideal because I have to download a file every time I want to use a more complex flight plan. Thanks for the help.
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