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  1. Ok. Found the cause of CTD on my end when enabling TCAS (turning off Disable TCAS). It was the Reality XP GTN750 GPS plug-in (which has TCAS as well). Disable that and TCAS in the aircraft works good for me while online. I guess two TCAS systems don't mesh well together.
  2. Anyone figure out the common plugin(s) that cause XP to CTD when TCAS is enabled in Xpilot? Any of these?: Autogate, AviTab, Better Pushback, FlywithLua, Multithrottle
  3. I have followed the instructions at the Xpilot website for connecting as Shared Cockpit (Observer) Mode (not ATC). My friend, loaded with the exact aircraft and exact location at the airport, connects using the same callsign with an "A" at the end. Establishes Xpilot VATSIM connection. But beyond that, nothing happens. Does the observer see exactly what I see/do? move flaps? press buttons? etc. Are there other settings that need to be set? Much appreciated in advance for the assistance.
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