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  1. Yep, works great. My bad. Might be worst disabling that checkbox when connected ? Minor detail 🙂
  2. Thanks, I will give it a try this evening. This would explain it 🙂
  3. Arch Linux X-Plane 11.50std Swift Pulseaudio There appears to be some issue regarding ownership of the audio output. If I run X-Plane on its own its sound works fine. If I run Swift on its own on the loopback test it works fine as well. However, if I start Swift then X-Plane the audio out cuts out at the exact moment when the simulator main display appears (presumably it grabs the audio at this point). The mic appears to be working fine, as the bar still animates indicating data coming through, but the output is flat. Closing X-Plane does not restore it, but restarting Swi
  4. Hi. Sorry, I meant to get back to you on this one. I was using the Bluebell dataset in X-Plane/Linux. Rather than having CSL/BB_GA/C172 as the tree in the models I had put CSL/BB_GA/BB_GA/C172 in instead (the others were done correctly) as is advised against in the documentation. It now seems to find it automatically, e.g. if I'm connected to X-Plane with a C172 flight in progress it selects that without intervention. I suspect what is happening is that before when it tried to do a "Model match" this meant it couldn't find a C172 model to use and this is what caused the error. T
  5. Hi. Running Linux-64 bit- X-Plane (obviously). X-CSL Model set Got it mostly set up correctly and it seems happy. However, I cannot complete the Swift Mapping Wizard, which is telling me "Missing Model String" on the confirmation page. (Trying White/White Cessna 172 using XP Standard) Given there is nothing on here that fits that description, that would seem to leave two possibilities. 1) On the first page of the Wizard there is a textbox for "Model's Unique Key". This appears to be disabled. I had presumed it was to be filled in at the end. 2) Immediately before
  6. I have been listening and watching and Euroscope with AFV using Virtualbox, and it seems to work fine. However, this is receive only, I can't green-light the TX button, the PTT doesn't seem to work, the microphone seems fine when using the level bar on the Settings dialog box. Is this deliberate ? I ask because it would be handy to do a Radio Check to see if all is working. I note this is technically against the rules but looking at forum posts ATC do not seem to mind as long as one doesn't get in the way when they're busy.
  7. I don't think it matters. AFAICS (Arch Linux) it runs Pulse anyway if you have it installed, it uses the Pulse alsa emulation or Pulse direct. It might not be the latency, it's not something I'm too knowledgeable about. But if it works :)
  8. Morning everyone. I'm a developer who is new to VATSIM. I have had an issue with XSquawkbox connecting ; it would work maybe every other time, sometimes it would connect virtually every time, sometimes it wouldn't at all, sometimes it was either or. No errors appear on the screen or the log, it just fails to work even though it says you have voice capability and it pings (using a different output system I think) It looks like more than one other person has had issues, so I thought I would put my fix seperately. (I do not know if the Windows problems are the same thing) I think t
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