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  1. Concorde doesn't need to fly a STAR. It is perfectly acceptable for the pilot of an aircraft that is not RNAV capable (727, 737-200, DC-3, etc) to request vectors to final. Even if you are RNAV capable and can't meet an altitude or speed requirement, you inform ATC as soon as possible. This is not rocket science. This comes down to poor pilot skills. Nothing whatsoever to do with VATSIM or whichever authority designed a STAR 17 years after Concorde was retired.
  2. I get that it takes a lot of (volunteer) time to arrange CTP and I think VATSIM did an outstanding job. I also get that a lot of people were disappointed they didn't get one of the limited number of slots. Has VATSIM considered the model being used for Cross The Ditch between Australia and New Zealand? Although a shorter distance and only involving 4 airports (3 of them with only one runway), there are actually around 1400 slots available over the course of the event. I would also encourage anybody who didn't get a CTP slot to join CTD. As it goes for 18 hours there should be somethi
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