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  1. Well I didn't know that, thank you!! Would save me 40 bucks next time! I still need the business level at the moment as I'm building a schedule on Tower 3D sim based in 2018, so need the playback feature for that, once I'm done with that I can go back to Gold, now I know the .metar trick, thank you!
  2. I have the Business membership on FR24, if there is no ATIS at an airport, I can search the airfield on FR24, click weather and there is a half hourly basic report on there, I mostly want the QNH, temp, wind direction and speed which is all there. It's about £40 a month or so for the membership, I use it for the historical 3 year data as well which is mostly why I have it. Unfortunately it's not offered to the cheap Gold or Silver memberships, which would be useful for a lot of people!
  3. I would have thought a tow to clear out the way would be reasonable? Especially to return to gate to get out the way? I must admit this tug feature would be handy, as there has been times where I've messed up the startup and the engines haven't started, or I've not let the APU run long enough and it's dropped power. With GSX on P3D if this happened and I was on the taxiway I'd be stuck and hold others up, which happened to me once at EGPH and blocked a Ryanair, controller asked if I was ready and explained I needed 5 minutes due to a problem. At least now if something does happen I can to
  4. Ah I see, I must admit in terms of heavies, that tend to move to a parking area especially when not being booked back out for another 8 hours, I did wonder if crew would end up there or not, in that case I can understand it better now. I wouldn't even attempt doing it during an event or a busy time, at 7 knots I'd be holding a lot of people up, but was wondering on a quiet time, either case should I do it once or twice, I'll do it offline to be sure, thanks for the response and help 🙂 James.
  5. Hello all, Just a theoretical question, but with the MSFS 2020 FS2Crew Pushback Express supporting push and tow operations, IF ATC was online, would this be permitted using the channel for a taxi route, and being able to hold position if needed? I know vehicles aren't permitted but is that only laid out for driving those vehicles only? So say could you start out at the BA sheds, be towed to the gate with the tug (with your control, but sitting in the cockpit steering where you need to be) and then preparing for your flight, or the other way unloading at the gate and then towing over
  6. Hello all, Recently I did a flight from EGPH - EGLL, and was in London Centre N and SC control. For some reason the sound would sometimes cut out on transmissions, sometimes I'd hear the controller talking to, say EZY45T, and it would be 'Easy 45 Tango tur.....ng 220'. I was SHT14P, and once I just heard '....Papa'. I wasn't sure if it was me or someone else, all I got was P and that was it. A few seconds later I had an instruction possibly repeated to me so it probably was for me. Other instructions for me and others were fine but there were still some cut out, I had some that I could ju
  7. Funnily enough I had this dilemma when I was told to write it down it made it much better especially on my first run. After that I start noting down the expected SID and Runway so that's already noted, and the only time I'd probably ask to repeat the SID is if I was given one I wasn't expecting. Also I find the more you do certain aiport's the easier it gets, for instance I've done plenty of departures from Edinburgh (EGPH) from the South ramp, and without looking at a chart now I know for Runway 24 the taxiway will be G, L, A. I don't write it down as I know it off by heart. Even my loca
  8. Hello all, Was doing a flight later for the Gatwick Midweek Madness, but before it got busy I again had an hour spare so logged on way at the back at EGKK and took some snaps southside of 26L. Interesting variety and a descent flow of traffic, hope you enjoy the shots! In order of callsign A-Z as I didn't manage to put them in time order AGEAN AEE35 EGNT - EGKK BRITISH AIRWAYS BAW223 EGCC - EGKK CARGOLUX CLUX231 EGCC - EGKK JET2 EXS5JL EGPH - EGKK EASYJET EZY15MG EGKK - LIMK
  9. Thank you guys! I had no problem 'spotting' at Gatwick recently either, I don't hold up gates, at Manchester I put myself in a J-2 Piper and spawned myself at a maintenance shed, at Gatwick I spawned at a GA ramp, but looked close to a taxiway so I went to the other side of Runway 26L (offline I must add!) and found an empty concrete area well out the way, and was fine there. I usually put OBSERVING in the comments and connect as a J-2, and not had a problem, I would disconnect if a controller found it an issue or if I happened to be in the way for some reason, but I do try to park i
  10. Had an hour this evening so decided to do something different and have an hours spotting from the Visitors Centre! Taken between 1800 and 1900 Local on the 2nd July: BAW167 EGCC - EGLL CFG301 EGCC - LOWW DTR180 EGCC - EIDW EZY37AQ LPPT - EGCC LVWOC - BIKF - EGCC RYR52RN LEBL - EGCC James.
  11. Also if you are interested in seeing it from the perspective of the 'pointy end', I've uploaded the journey on YouTube, starts at Jersey with the IFR Clearance and is cut down to mostly feature the ATC parts. Includes a censor when I swore as I started backtracking the wrong way at Jersey as I distracted myself on the iPad looking for the SKERY chart!
  12. Ah thank you! Not something I am missing, thanks for confirming most appreciated!
  13. Hello all, When I first used VATSIM last week, or so, if there was a relevant listed ATIS frequency on vPilot, I'd tune in to the ATIS and I'd get a clear loud custom voice. Sometimes I'd get the default ATIS reading in the background but was very quiet so wasn't disturbing. But now, all I get is the default automated voice at a low volume. Problem is it's reading out default P3D information so at EGCC you get 'landing and departing runway 23 Left and ILS runway 23' when actually only 23R is in use. Then the information code isn't valid, it would say 'inform controller you have informatio
  14. Thank you! Enjoyed it shame my UK2000 Bristol scenery was broken, could not find the stand at all! Had problems with Guernsey as well, I seem to have to keep re-installing Guernsey, and by the looks of it, Bristol scenery, something to do with Orbx I don't know, usually if I re-install Orbx or install something with it, UK2000 Guernsey goes bust. (probably the same for Bristol, only used it once when I installed the new UK2000 EGGD. Will re-install and hope it works). Glad I went out of Jersey rather than in, bloody foggy!
  15. Thank you Trevor! I might need that, I struggled to land at Manchester fighting a surface wind, a normal day for a Dash 8, turned off at A at Manchester, which is where the A380's normally end up, not a Dash 8, how embarrassing! 😄 I will be on EGGD soon, Bristol is my 'home' airport, and as I'm planning on getting the A320, I plan to do some training circuits at Bristol to learn the aircraft, get used to the ILS and give some go around's ago, would be good practice to learn that and using ATC as well. Thank you! James.
  16. Thank you, do I need to report this?
  17. Hello all, If ground is using operations cars to assist taxi to the gate (follow me car), is there any scenery that can be installed to show a ground ops car, rather than following a default CRJ700. Following is very useful at unfamiliar large airports, but looks strange following a CRJ! any help appreciated! James.
  18. Hello all, Yesterday was my 4th, or so, session on VATSIM. I'd have been flying before on and off on FSX, I never had a PC that could handle it so flying went out the window all the time. On the first month of Furlough, I treated myself to a new PC, now that I wasn't going to be spending dosh at model shows or air shows as I would do this season, now was a chance to get a PC! I got P3D and loved being able to fly without it being a slideshow...but I was still struggling with my ATC. VoxATC isn't too bad, I ditched it as it has it's own random generated traffic rather than the AIG tra
  19. Thank you!! I will probably make some up, it's just I'm a bit heavy on adding true realism where I can right down to the right callsign numbers! Thank you guys for the help!
  20. That's brilliant thanks for the link! Apparently I'm already registered to the site, couldn't get in with the password to I reset it, logged in now. I don't remember signing up, not even heard of the site until now, maybe I sleep-registered 🤣 Thanks for the help! James.
  21. Hello all, My first post and very new to VATSIM, had 2 successful flights on the network, I can't see me returning to Radar Contact or VoxATC now! I fly with the Virtual Airline 'Fly UK' so I get the flight numbers for the callsign there (Skyways 698 etc) however at some point I might start using the FlyBe Dash 8 for my own flights as well. Now that FlyBe have gone however, is there a way of finding out the real flight numbers that were used, so I can have a realistic Jersey callsign as there would have been on a certain route? Or would I just have to make up the numbers and any lett
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