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  1. Hey everyone I am new to VATSIM and flying I use FSX:SE with no addons and just the base game. Can anyone suggest me a way where I can learn basic VFR flights on GA aircrafts? And ATC communications from the absolute basics.? I am looking all the help i can get. 🙂 thank you
  2. Thank you Anthony Trevor Nick I am able to connect now 🙂 cheers!
  3. Thank you Anthony I followed your thread on this issue. Do I have to change my password now? Or give it time and try to get in after a day or so?
  4. Yes I did it a few hours ago. I shall wait for the next 24 hours and try to connect. Thank you 🙂
  5. I recently reactivated my VatSim ID and i am not able to connect to the network. I am getting following message on Vpilot client. [14:08:22] Network error: Invalid CID/password [14:08:23] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - ) [14:08:24] Disconnected from network. Please help Thank You
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