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  1. Hello everyone, we are a small german VA, only based on community. We do not track your flights. Our motto is: "fly where you want. fly what you want." We are looking forward to reach an international community! If you want to join us: https://RegioAir.eu Greetings!
  2. @Robert Simac You can join us on https://RegioAir.eu We mostly have german members, but we are looking forward to reach an international community! No Tracking, no ACARS!
  3. Hello everyone, it would be great to use VatSys intead of EuroScope in Germany. But we have only .sct files in Database and no .xml formats. Someone there has tried to convert the .sct, but failed. The link to this thread (german): https://board.vatsim-germany.org/threads/vatsys-atc-client.63902/
  4. @Tim Wong I've send the Application now, but I don't know if it's properly sent. The loading-animation was looping endless.
  5. Yes, but there stands only "coming soon":
  6. The title is the question^^ Thanks for your help, it will help our new VA!
  7. Microsoft/Asobo have to fix it because of the VATSIM-Partnership hopefully very soon...
  8. And now the visibility of planes is very unreliable since the upcoming patch...
  9. Hey all, New Situation: No planes visible from start, no time or weather change. Same showing on vPilot as above.
  10. Hello, there is no error message from vPilot. It seems it happens when I play with time and weather in MSFS.
  11. Hello all, I currently have an issue with the visibility of the other planes. When I connect to the network, the others are visible for only a few moments, then they disappear. I'm using the newest version of vPilot 2.6.6 I have turned the AI traffic and ATC completely off in the simulator. Greetings
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