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  1. Hi Andreas, I just put a reminder into our internal forum and there was an immediate "oh, yes he is still waiting..." - so expect "2 weeks"... 😉 Cheers Micha
  2. Hi Daniel, since CTR controllers are covering a rather large area usually I can simple be the case that he thought your planned route was via this waypoint although - so just ask him "waypoint not on my route, do you want me to proceed direct to there?" and he will tell you. The ATC <> pilot cooperation involves a lot of that - cooperation - so if in doubt or something doesn't make sense from your point of view just ask and you will either get an adjusted clearance or very often even some additional explanation. Cheers Michael
  3. Hi Klaus usually the situation where a TCAS RA is triggered is rather clear as for example one aircraft is descending or climbing into the level of another aircraft. So from that the TCAS, if it is half-descent, can provide you with a good RA even not "talking" to the one on the other aircraft. And if he/she has also a half-descent TCAS there will also be a corresponding RA which makes sense. The part of communicating TCAS is mainly important if there is a same-level head-on for example and aircraft are at the exact same altitude - here it is by chance but even then usually a slight differen
  4. Hi John, when this issue happens again, please send the URL that Simbrief sends to the PreFiling page of Vatsim or a screenshot of that page. My guess is in the direction of a typo in the callsign which leads to a mismatch of flight plan and your login. The explain - you can have multiple flight plans in the system for different callsigns at the same time - it's not tied to your login. I see you login with slightly different callsigns so maybe this was the case? You can have a flight plan in the system for DAL1234 but if you login as DAL4321 there will be no match - if you then fil
  5. Hi Daniel, since there are two fields where one could expect the callsign to be in Simbrief, just let me check you are using the correct one: The one in the yellow circle is the ATC callsign and also the login you have to use for Vatsim. This can be identical to the airline+flight number combination like in my case here but it can differ - you can put there anything you want more or less to for example simulate an "operated by" flight - simbrief usually fills this automatically with airline+flight number. When I look into the statistics I see you did all your flights with regist
  6. @Stefan Loos is it possible that you had a typo in your callsign (either in simbrief or when loggin in) and due to that the fpl wasn't connected to your online session? That's the reason in 99% of the cases I so far came across. Numbers in the wrong order or the classic "DHL instead of DLH". 😉 Since you asked "what info" - screenshot of the pre-filing page and of vatspy would definitely help as a first step to narrow it down. Cheers Michael
  7. Hi Stefan, I think we need a bit more info - I just tried it myself and it worked perfectly fine: Cheers Michael
  8. Hi Daniel, additionally there is no "picking up the flight plan in the client" - the only thing you do there is that you copy whatever there is in the system for your callsign into the fields of the flight plan box in the client so you can quickly make small changes and not have to insert all the details again. From ATC side it cannot be seen at all if you do that or not. There simply is a single flight plan in the system for your callsign and if you login with that callsign we see it correlated to the target we see for you as well as in some lists. So even if you depart VFR we still see
  9. Hi Mats, I think this is the drop-down you are looking for - here you select the aircraft type you are using yourself: Cheers Michael
  10. Hi Daniel, I don't really see an issue with your intial IFR FPL but deciding to depart VFR with later pick-up but it might have been a bit of "what to do with the FPL" which might have led to ATC telling you to re-file VFR. Overall you wouldn't even need a FPL in most cases for VFR but now there is this IFR FPL and you said you wanted a pickup later - so somehow a Z FPL - did you already know when and where to join your original plan? I personally (on the controller side) would have just switched your FPL to VFR and depending on the circumstances even deleted the route as it would ha
  11. Not familiar with Gatwick but I'm rather sure this was some misunderstanding and the controller actually said something different. There are some SIDs with a 5 but all have letters afterwards as they are per-runway - in such a case just ask him/her back about that part. Maybe it was "number 5" or something about an inbound at 5 miles out or the QNH (1015 or 995?) or something totally different like joking with you if you had been disconnected several times before?... Likely can only be clarified but the persons involved or someone controlling EGKK. 🙂
  12. Hi Ori, can you maybe give us a bit more of context? Where was this - approaching an airport? enroute? during clearance? It could be a SID or a STAR you have been cleared on - those usually consist of a waypoint name and a number and potentially a letter - but without context, this is all guesswork. Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Bob, you can observe all over the world - just load a sector file for the area/airport you want and login as an OBS. For the UK (without having first hand done it) it seems you can get it here as there are several controller packs listed: https://community.vatsim.uk/files/downloads/category/15-euroscope-controller-tools/ Cheers Michael
  14. Hi Justin, just set it to "Group" as you don't want to see actual "other traffic" but only vatsim traffic which is injected directly by the pilot client into the sim. The model matching is still lacking as there are not yet the necessary ai models available to for example display B727s or A340s etc. in the different liveries. This should improve over time. Cheers MIchael
  15. Hi Kirk, just set it to "Group" as you don't want to see actual "other traffic" but only vatsim traffic which is injected directly by the pilot client into the sim. See also: Cheers MIchael
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