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  1. Well the version you mentioned was actually the XPACK one and not lib. But I installed EVERTHING again. I hope that's okay. Gonna run FSX and VPilot and update you on the same
  2. Okay so first off a correction, there's 4 and not 5 SimConnect.msi 3 of them in LegacyInterfaces under folders FSX-RTM, FSX-SP1 & FSX-XPACK 1 of them in Lib folder. Edit : For re-installing, do I just click all 4 and install? Is it to be done in any specific order ?
  3. Can i reinstall that SimConnect? Or reconfigure it? I see 5 SimConnect.msi files , which can be installed.
  4. There's got to be a reason, could it be Model Matching issue? Or any directory issue? Because clearly, VPilot -in laymen terms- is not able to see that FSX is infact running?
  5. So do i have to place both the files in VPilot? Also yes, I do have simconnect.xml in the same config folder.
  6. Yes I do have them both. It is in this directory : C:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\config What do I do about this? Sorry for late response.
  7. No I didn't make changes to the files you asked about. I mentioned above because I thought it would be relavant. Also, I would add that my FSX directory isn't in the default place.
  8. So, I had this error first like mentioned in this discussion : Solved it like this man did And apparrantely it worked for him. For me, it solved the "unhandled" error but now it says can't connect to sim.
  9. Read the Tips & Tricks and also the Trouble Shooting page. Nothing about my issue and that's what is worrying me.
  10. Hi Vatsim Community! I have very recently decided to up my Flight Sim Experience through VATSIM. Watched every tutorial video, read reddit threads here, downloaded VATSIM and all required resources Vpilot, Vspy etc. All my excitement goes to drain because of this error from VPilot. I am scratching my head hard because I know it might be a very easy solution but somehow I dont seem to understand it. Attached is the error image and evidence that FSX Se is open. Please do help me.
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