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  1. Same issue. Happens on both Windows 10 and Manjaro 21.04. Manjaro install has .NET 4.8, wine-6.10 (staging, Windows 7 on the prefix and no wine-mono) and Windows has the latest.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I don't think you need to specifically launch it separately, I have it installed and whenever I install a .NET program I just open the installer with "wine (executable)" and launch it once installed from the shortcut it installs with.
  3. I'm inclined to agree. I used it for GND for a while and since getting my S2 have used it for TWR every session I've had (except my first lesson, that was vERAM and wasn't very fun). Last night I utilised the Tower View system with X-Plane at a non-radar airport with GND below me in virtual reality and it went swimmingly, minus X-Plane's somewhat buggy SteamVR system. The only complaints I have is the window system with the comms panel and the like. It can't be captured as a separate window, which means I have to use my desktop view for a release request, checking a flightplan, etc. Furthermor
  4. Mono is Wine's native Linux (don't quote me on that) .NET thing.
  5. I forgot I even posted this. I got it working with Mono. Have you tried this?
  6. I'm trying to install AFV on Linux (of course VRC works perfectly) using the AFV User Guide tutorial (modified using wine from apt instead of brew and a different path) and it's giving me the errors shown in this log once I run it: It appears to be a .NET issue, but I've no idea. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. It happened once more, but much later. Other than that, it's working completely fine. I guess an XPlane restart was the thing it needed.
  8. Sure, but it appears it is working. I think a restart of XPlane was needed. If it happens again, I'll upgrade.
  9. I'm kind of new, but xPilot just stops responding after a few minutes. I cannot start taxiing because of this. I'll attach my log.txt from XPlane. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kDkerRfgZylsAhDXOedeTSX6zIU8OuRj/view?usp=sharing
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