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  1. from what I can see the website does not longer there or an active VA
  2. I would like to say that I have enjoyed the event and will see what next year will being See you all next year for another adventure
  3. I am stall open for anyon you would need help with anything to do in the it part of you division or vacc or region you can email me at <mod removed> if you would like to discuss anything
  4. This will help but if your are stall conserent just message the controller on about and see if there are providing coverage on the ground at the airport that your are flying in or out
  5. Hi there I have lots of experience in working with different types of coding languages I am good with administrator parts of the web and systems I am looking for anyone deviaion or vacc and might have a vacant for a it member if so email me on my vatsim email or your can also dm me on the forums I look forward to hearing from
  6. This is what i could find that made me lead to the commit above
  7. From what I can see it looks to be like an output problem
  8. This might have been the same reason that discord and vatsim when down around the same time
  9. Hi there Last night around 2300z the cloudflar server went down where the dns of the vatsim server go vir when your send a request that will be the reason for the error that you might have got I'd you need more information you can all ways have a long on this page https://network-status.vatsim.net/ show all of the errors that happens on the network and are being fixed
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