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  1. I was wondering if the mic volume slider in Vpilot is boost or not. Because I've been trying to get the best audio quality by setting the digital boost in my laptop to +0db, but when doing that the peak level indicator never stays in the green zone (when mic volume slider is at 0), any tips ?
  2. Is there any chart of some sort that shows the different ATC sectors for Germany for example, like the one available on the Vatsim UK website: https://www.vatsim.uk/operations/sectors I know that I can just wait for them to send me a contact me but I feel like this reduces the controller's workload and makes me more aware of the area that I'm flying in.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll do that.
  4. So I'm currently looking to get the P2 rating from Vatstar and I was wondering if I need payware VFR aircrafts to complete the checkride correctly and smoothly. I've never flown VFR on Vatsim only IFR.
  5. I just want to say thanks to everyone, all the issues are now sorted.
  6. Good to hear, I hope it's available tommorow in the back from the beach event.
  7. So now my account is back and I'm actually in cruise right now, but when I connected to the network it said "error connecting to the voice server: connect failed (Forbidden -)". I could connect to the server without a problem before. What's this about?
  8. How long would you say it will take them to reactivate it?
  9. In the ticket I wrote that I don't want the first account (I never used this one) and the one I created yesterday and that I would want to keep the one which I had been using. I did mention the CIDs so that they wouldn't accidentally disable the one I want to keep. Hopefully they'll do it this way.
  10. The one with 300 hours will be reinstated, right?😬
  11. I'm happy to hear that 😀 And one more thing, at first I had created an account which I couldn't get to work, and I just forgot about Vatsim for almost a year, but when I got back into Vatsim again I created the account that I've been using ever since (I made a new one because I didn't have any info from my first one hence I couldn't get my CID and password). I'm assuming that the first account was deactivated, so it won't mess with this process of unbanning my account?
  12. I wanted to try being a controller so I created a second account (I didn't remember that I wasn't allowed to do so), the account was created and there were no problems, but the day after I loaded up my sim to do a flight on my original account (+300 hours on this account) when I hit connect, it said my CID has been suspended and I got the email which said that this was the reason. I submitted a ticket so that they would reactivate my main account. will that be enough? Will they even do it?
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