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  1. Thank you a lot for your detailed explanation regarding my question and my problem, now many things are much clearer to me 🙂 As mentioned in my answer above, I have troubleshot the problem myself and it was actually the fact that I was running a prehistoric AIRAC cycle 1511 which came preinstalled out of the box with the addon aircraft I am using, and I didn't even bother checking that as I thought it would have come with the newest data already integrated upon purchase and installation. Updating to the newest AIRAC cycle, I was able to select and fly RNAV procedures listed within the charts w
  2. After some resarch I can see that you were right indeed, it is the problem with the addon as I am running AIRAC cycle 1511 all the way from October 2015 😂 Apparently I just have to upate via NavDataPro or Navigraph 😃 Thank you for your help though 😉
  3. Hello everyone, I have gathered some time flying on VATSIM over the last year (approximately 60 hours), however, I still consider myself a newbie. For some time there has been one issue bothering me, and I am hardly able to find an answer for it online. It is the difference between "normal" SID / STAR procedures provided within the charts and the RNAV SID / STAR procedures, choosing the correct equipment suffix for the aircraft I fly with, in order to let the controller know if I am able to proceed via FMC or I need vectors, and eventually how to know which procedure to use. I will
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