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  1. Thanks for confirming. I have to say I'm glad I joined, my only regret is I didn't do it sooner. So far each flight I've done there has been some takeaway of knowledge.
  2. Hey folks, had a quick question. The other day I was flying VFR from Grand bahama to Palm Beach. When I contacted Nassau center who was handling ground/tower, he told me a VFR flight plan was required. Just wondering why this was? I didn't think VFR flight plans were a required thing? Edit: Did some research, looks like that it is required in IRL so this was a good learning experience. https://www.bahamas.com/vfr "A good pilot is always learning"
  3. Yep, that too. Thanks for the tip because I'm 99% certain I've glazed over the checkbox a few times since I couldnt find it.
  4. So a buddy of mine want to get attempt smart copilot with vatsim - but how would one of us join as copilot with xpilot? I dont see any option to join as an observer. Been doing a bit of googling but my google-fu is failing me today. Edit nvm, literally just found it in the docs to add a letter suffix... Whoops!
  5. Awesome info. Had a great time on today. Jacksonville CTR went off line when I was getting ready to go, so head a venue change to Farmingdale in NY. Sat in GA parking for a bit listening to the NY airspace madness and then as I was going to give it a go NY Center went off for a bit lol. No worries, worked on Unicom, and then spoke with Islip Approach for the class C transition eastbound towards East Hampton. Then back on unicom for landing at HTO. Was good fun and practice. Thank you to all the controllers for your service!
  6. Ahh gotcha! That makes sense. So one more question, if no towers were online for your airport would you pick the closest CTR I assume? Right now im on the ground in Hilton head, SC, and I have NY CTR and JAX CTR currently online. I assume since Im closer to JAX, Id tune them for delivery, taxi and takeoff?
  7. Hello all! Decided to take the next step in my hobby and join up here. I'm also looking forward to getting my PPL and figured every bit will help. So I have a quick question. Obviously vatsim cant be staffed to real world levels and I get there's overlap, but Im confused even after reading the General lessons on the PRC. It was going over the different controllers and all but there was something that mentioned if a tower isnt manned, it may be controlled by whose working the approach frequency - makes sense. The part I'm confused on is - do I tune the local ground/tower frequencys, and it auto routes me to whose working the approach? Or do I tune direct to the approact frequency and request taxi/departure ect? Or do I treat that airport as untowered, tune to the RW ground/tower frequencys announcing as per normal untowered procedure - and then tune approach once airborne? Hope my questions make sense. Stay well all and happy landings! Edit: I reread the VFR departures/arrivals page (half asleep last night when I signed up) and it states to treat as untowered and use unicom. That makes a little more sense. Can't wait to get flying!
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